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Kamakiriko’s First Exhibition

        「TOKYO GIRL」

The artist Kamakiriko’s first exhibition will be held at Ginza Gallery Palpito!
Date: May 18th (Wednesday) -May 23rd (Monday) 10: 30〜18: 30 
(The artist will be at the gallery)


A city where diverse values are mixed.
What did the girl see there?

Kamakiriko is characterized by her style inspired by the "strength and cuteness" of women and her illustrations fused with text. Please take a look at the girls drawn in vibrant colors!

In this exhibition, we will exhibit 15 works by Kamakiriko.


Location:Palpito 2F Gallery Space

  • 黑色的Instagram圖標

 彼女の作品は木彫は芸術ではなく工芸品だ、という伝統的な概 念を覆し、制作の主な材料は木としながら軸にはその他の材料 を使用して、木製の芸術品に研究と革新、商業的な価値を与えています。 芸術を探索する過程で絶えず新しいアイデアを発見し、作品を作り出しています。

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