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Kamakiriko’s First Exhibition

        「TOKYO GIRL」


Solo Exhibition

The artist Kamakiriko’s first exhibition will be held at Ginza Gallery Palpito!
Date: May 18th (Wednesday) -May 23rd (Monday) 10: 30〜18: 30 
(The artist will be at the gallery)


A city where diverse values are mixed.
What did the girl see there?

Kamakiriko is characterized by her style inspired by the "strength and cuteness" of women and her illustrations fused with text. Please take a look at the girls drawn in vibrant colors!

In this exhibition, we will exhibit 15 works by Kamakiriko.


Location:Palpito 2F Gallery Space


山口県在住の作家 生きづらいこの世界で傷つき消えそうになりながらも強い意志で立ち向かおうとする女性、儚くも強さを持った女性などを描く。アクリル、コピック、キャンバスプリントデコレーションなど作品の様々な表現方法を探っている。 国内外の展示で活動中。

  • 黑色的Instagram圖標
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