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Kamakiriko’s First Exhibition

        「TOKYO GIRL」

Feat . ボカロ P きくお





The artist Kamakiriko’s first exhibition will be held at Ginza Gallery Palpito!
Date: May 18th (Wednesday) -May 23rd (Monday) 10: 30〜18: 30 
(The artist will be at the gallery)


A city where diverse values are mixed.
What did the girl see there?

Kamakiriko is characterized by her style inspired by the "strength and cuteness" of women and her illustrations fused with text. Please take a look at the girls drawn in vibrant colors!

In this exhibition, we will exhibit 15 works by Kamakiriko.


Location:Palpito 2F Gallery Space

Lottery Sale Announcement

We appreciate the many customers who have applied for the lottery sale.

Starting today and until September 13th, we will be contacting only those who have won.

For artworks without responses from the winners by September 13th, they will be available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis on our website and in our stores starting from September 14th.

This time, The KIGIKU SHIKU and the collaboration work of KIGIKU SHIKU and Vocaloid P KIKUO will be sold by lottery.

※We will not send you an email when the reception is complete or when you are rejected.

※The purchase right cannot be transferred to another person. 

※In general, after the winner has been announced,cancellations are not accepted.

※You can participate in the lottery in-store or by email. Participation is limited to one time only.


[Application acceptance period] 

From Wednesday, August 16, 2023  to Monday, August 28, 2023  (18:00)


[Winner announcement]

*Only winners will be notified by email. Until September 13, 2023 (Wednesday)


[Payment method]

Winners will be sent an invoice by email. After issuing the invoice, please make the transfer by the due date.


[How to receive they work]

After the lottery results are announced, we will deliver the artwork at the customer's expense.




[Application requirements]

・ Name 

・ Post code 

・ Address (up to the building name,roomnumber) 

・ Phone number (home or mobile) 

・ Email address 

・ work name(Please inform us of your third choice.)

・ Instagram account name (Only for those who have an Instagram account)


 [Application from overseas] 

・We use Paypal and EMS or FedEx only for customers overseas. 

※We can only ship out to the countries which currently accept EMS or FedEx. 

・Please note that delivery may be delayed depending.

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